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Payless Garage has been serving the Salem community since the early 1950’s. Known as Payless Oil Company, it was a family ran garage where honesty, integrity, and customer service were top priority. In April, 1987, the garage was purchased by Shane and Ronda Rosenblatt. Shane, a graduate from Oregon Institute of Technology in 1979, with a degree in Automotive Tune Up and Instrumentation, and Ronda, a former barber, and owner of The Ice Cream Cellar in the Reed Opera House, continued with the familiar business practices that made Payless Oil Company one of the most respected garages in the Salem area. Joined by longtime friend and previous co-worker Chuck Bruebaker, the three brought Payless Oil Co. into a new era of automobile service. The business name was changed to Payless Garage, but the commitment to customer trust and service remained the same. Many changes had been taking place in the automotive industry. Carburetors were replaced by fuel injectors, points and condensers were a thing of the past. Computers and modules became common place, but repairs and troubleshooting became much more complex. To keep up with the advanced technology, Shane and Chuck would work on their client’s vehicles during the day, and would often be attending classes and seminars at night. When Shane’s son, Jason, turned 13 years old, he wanted to follow in his dad’s footsteps. During Christmas and spring break and summer vacation you would find “Jay” sweeping floors or cleaning parts, always asking “what are you doing to that?’ Or “how do you know what’s wrong?” So, Shane and Chuck began teaching the eager young “technician” how to diagnose and repair automobiles. Over the years, Jay became a valued member of the Payless Team. Jay was a natural figuring out what was wrong with a car. He had the “knack” so to speak. With Ronda running the office and doing all the bookkeeping, and Shane, Chuck, and Jay working the shop, the business grew to the point where another tech was needed. Bill Bowman was hired to fill that need. He brought with him several years of experience, and most importantly, a desire to treat customers like family. His honest work ethic made him a perfect addition to the Payless Team. Bill hated the fact that many times, people got ripped off at other garages, and liked the attitude that Payless Garage had with its clients. Treat people the way you want to be treated. In 2007, Shane and Ronda felt the Lord calling them into the mission field. After much prayer, the couple felt led to a YWAM base in central California called “Gleanings for the Hungry.” After completing a DTS, and outreach to Guatemala, they went on staff at the base. Gleanings for the Hungry is a base that focuses on sending food to 3rd world countries, meeting the needs of poor people, both physically and spiritually. After their two year commitment, they returned to Salem. Shane took over the office duties that Ronda had done for so many years, but could no longer perform because of health issues. It was quite an adjustment for the two of them since Ronda, who was always active in the day to day operations of the business, and Shane, who was always out working in the shop, but even though things were a little crazy at first, but in time proved to be the right move. “I like being in the office now. My fingernails don’t get dirty anymore,” Shane says. “I like talking to our clients, getting to know them better. I especially like treating everyone like a human being, not like a dollar sign. People deserve better than that. My wife did an exceptional job in the office, and I want to do the same or better. I want people that come here to feel comfortable in what we are doing, explain what they need and don’t need, and agree on a price with no surprises.” It seems like everyone has a story about getting ripped off at this or that garage. It’s sad but true. Mechanics have a bad reputation. “We don’t buy into that. You will not get ripped off here. We need to be able to sleep at night. I want to run into you at the market and say “Hi, how’s that car working?” and not run and hide somewhere. Our belief is treat people like you want to be treated. It’s that simple. Ask your friends, neighbors, family members where they take their car to get repairs or service. Call us or stop by. The coffee and advise is always free.

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