Why Us?

We like talking to our clients, getting to know them better. We especially like treating everyone like a human being, not like a dollar sign. People deserve better than that. I want people that come here to feel comfortable in what we are doing, explain what they need and don’t need, and agree on a price with no surprises.

Serving our customers is our top priorityIt seems like everyone has a story about getting ripped off at this or that garage. It’s sad but true. Mechanics have a bad reputation. We don’t buy into that. You will not get ripped off here. We need to be able to sleep at night. We want to run into you at the market and say “Hi, how’s that car working?” and not run and hide somewhere.

Our belief is treat people like you want to be treated. It’s that simple. Ask your friends, neighbors, family members where they take their car to get repairs or service. Call us or stop by. The coffee and advise is always free.

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