Drive Train & Transmission

Drive train and transmission fixes generally depend on the age of the vehicle. Older molder vehicles usually consist of a differential or rear end if it is a rear wheel drive car. These types of cars have many components such as axles, bearings and a gear box that the drive line is connected to. These types of drive trains rarely have problems. When they do, it is usually noise around the rear end of the vehicle or a leak out of the axle.

Front wheel drive vehicles are very different. These types of vehicles have axles with constant velocity joints on both ends. These joints are sealed in a rubber boot filled with grease. These boots can easily tear due to all the moving joints located inside. The transmission on front wheel drive vehicles is a part of the drive train and cannot be serviced separately.

We know all there is to know about the different types of drive trains and transmissions and can provide you with excellent repair and service!

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