Oil Changes

A lube, oil, filter change is the most basic thing that vehicle owners need to have regularly done to their cars. Generally, oil changes are recommended every 3 months or 3 ,000 miles.

DSCN1298One of the first things Payless Garage does during an oil change is look around the engine, transmission and drive train for any sign of leaking fluid. If we do discover a leak, we diagnose what is leaking, where it is leaking from and why. We then assess how crucial the leak is.

Next, we check your tires for even wear to make sure the vehicles steering and suspensions systems are in proper working order.

We then check the brakes and assess whether or not the brakes are in need of repair or replacement.

After making sure everything underneath the vehicle looks to be in proper working order, we move to the top of the engine and check belts, hoses and other important lines.

After the inspection, we top off your vehicle’s fluid, add new oil and replace the oil filter. We then start your car to make sure all of your gauges are working properly.

Our goal in life is to help you take care of your car!

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